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Enjoy music lessons with leading industry professionals based in New York, Boston, San Francisco, and other cities around the United States. The experience these instructors bring will take your playing to the next level.

In-Home Instruction

Our in-home instructors are passionate, dedicated, and patient music professionals who take pride in the success of their students. The creative, cognitive, and personal skills that in-home music lessons impart will last a lifetime.

Recitals & Camps

Performing live music with others is a seminal experience for our students. Find out about our recitals and summer camp dates and locations. These events create a goal that our students work toward all year long.
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We Build Confidence with Music

Our students work hard all year long. The work they do increases mental deftness and physical dexterity. Students who perform in our recitals and camps gain a deep sense of self-confidence based on the knowledge that they are able to produce beautiful music based on their newfound creative skills.

Performance Certificates

Each student who perfoms in a BAHM recital receives a personalized Performance Certificate with their name. Something to look forward to!

Positive Experiences

Some young people find that alternative educational experiences, like taking music lessons, help motivate them much more than school.

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How Bay Area Home Music Changes Lives

When you listen to music, multiple areas of your brain become engaged and active. But when you actually play an instrument, that activity becomes more like a full-body brain workout. Research by neuroscientists has shown that music lessons improve social skills, academic performance, literacy and numeracy skills, brain function, and physical health later in life.
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What Our Clients Say

Thanks for everything over the years, Justin. And to Matt and Eli as well. It’s all been a wonderful experience for Vince, and because of you all, he has a great life skill.

Chris Nappo

El Cerrito
Chris Nappo

Will really enjoyed the lesson with Jake and is very enthusiastic to continue! He found Jake engaging and easy to learn from.

Adrienne Edgar

Adrienne Edgar

[The lesson] was wonderful! Sophia was engaged and interested. Christian was kind, gentle, and allowed her to have fun, which I greatly appreciate. You have such an easy system to work with, and we are very grateful!

Sara Kennedy

Sara Kennedy

Willis had a great first lesson. He says Patrick is a 9 out of 10 in comparison to his old teacher… I like Patrick’s approach also. You seem to have a great instructor and person representing your business. Willis is excited for his next one!

Louis Mellaci

Louis Mellaci